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Addiction Treatment in the Bluegrass Region (Lexington, KY)

We provide our guests with high quality addiction treatment, mental health counseling and sober living throughout the Lexington, KY region. Our team works to deliver clinical excellence in a home like comfortable setting that creates a hopeful and healing environment.

Lexington, KY Program and Team

How We Approach Treatment

Clinical Excellence, Comprehensive Care, Un-matched Compassion and Hospitality

We Care About the Entire Family

Addictions are messy.

hey affect families, friends, future plans and ambitions, and even generations that follow.

We acknowledge the mess and treat each individual that comes to us, their family and friends, with dignity, compassion, and respect.

We Believe in the Full Continuum of Care

Beyond helping our guests get clean and sober, our desire is the help each of them achieve the life they dream about. A life in balance. We know this is possible.

We want to help people at every critical point on the continuum of care—from intervention to detox to residential and outpatient services and sober living—a full complement of education, support, and lifelong community.

Our Goal Is Balanced Living

Our goal at new legacy is to help those seeking treatment for addiction to find a purposed and fulfilling life in recovery. We want to help them leave their addiction behind, and set a new trajectory, write a new story—begin a new legacy.

Meet the New Legacy Team

We’ve compiled a team of people who have committed their lives and careers to helping people overcome addiction and write new chapters in a better story.

Mick Duffy


Mick has served as Vice President and President of Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab, as well…

Mike Duffy

Vice President

Growing up in an alcoholic’s home, Dr. Mike witnessed the devastating effects of alcoholism, as…

Shannon Sell

Clinical Director

Shannon is a social worker by training but realized a passion for administration early in…

What We Value

The values that drive us forward. 


Treating every guest, vendor and co-worker with respect and dignity


Pursuing the best solution to the problem, thinking outside the box, and staying current and relevant to the communities we serve


Exuding and instilling confidence and purveying hope for our guests


Conducting business and interacting with guests and their families with honesty, respect, and integrity


Striving for excellence in the care of our guests, our facilities and the operation of the business


Serving every stakeholder with authenticity and transparency

Be Part of the Team

Join us in our mission of bringing comprehensive, compassionate care to those who are suffering from addiction.

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