Everyone Has the Power to Leave a Meaningful Legacy

Our founders, the Duffy family, know this to be true—because they’ve lived it. Throughout the 1950s and early ‘60s, family patriarch Gene Duffy suffered from alcohol addiction. A married father of three, his disease tore the family apart and threatened to end his life prematurely.

Gene’s story appeared to be headed for a predictable ending—until he decided to make a change. He discovered AA and began to embrace a life of sobriety, which inspired a new personal mission: to help as many other alcoholics as he could. Gene moved to California and opened a pioneering residential treatment center that, to this day, focuses on treating all residents with dignity, warmth and respect.

His son Mike, having witnessed the pain and suffering addiction can cause a family, wanted to continue his father’s legacy of serving others. Together with his son Mick, Mike started New Legacy in the hopes of bringing high-quality care driven by integrity and genuine compassion to regions that don’t yet have it.

For nearly 50 years, the Duffys have seen what true empathy, support and hospitality can do to help someone who has acknowledged their need to change. They have helped nearly 40,000 people write new endings to their addiction stories—and desire to continue supporting treatment centers that help people write a new legacy.

Starting a treatment center

In 1967, Gene Duffy (Mick’s grandpa and Mike’s dad) started a residential treatment center in the heart of wine country, called Duffy’s Myrtledale in Calistoga, CA. As a recovering alcoholic, Gene desired to share his experience, strength, and hope with those who still suffered.

Carrying on the legacy

Upon Duf’s death, his three sons led the work at the Duffy’s Napa Valley. Mike Duffy served as Vice President and CEO for over 20 years. Then, Mike’s son, Mick, served in the same leadership roles for 3 years.

Continuing the mission

Through New Legacy Recovery, the mission continues. Addiction knows no geographical boundary. We desire to support and serve those suffering in many regions within the borders of this country and the world beyond.