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Partnering With New Legacy Recovery

Our primary focus is to help people live meaningful and purpose-filled lives—if that’s your purpose too, we’d love to talk. 

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We’re thrilled that you’re considering New Legacy Recovery as a potential partner in this important work of restoring lives. It is our desire to provide each of our guests with the highest level of care possible, and we’re excited to partner with like-minded organizations who strive to do the same.

We look forward to meeting you, and hope to work along side you for years to come.

We're Looking to Grow Our Referral List

We begin discharge planning upon admission into treatment, and we’re always looking for quality doctors and clinicians that treat substance use disorders to refer our guests to. Especially those who specialize in Trauma Therapy are important for us to know. We want to come alongside likeminded organizations, and and collaboratively provide the highest quality care possible.

I would love to set up a time where I could sit down with you and learn more about your practice and add you to our list of referrals.

Robb Shuler.
Business Development Director

Four Reasons to Partner With Us

1) We exist to provide hope and restore dignity

Our founders, Mike and Mick Duffy, have a 50+ year family history of bringing hope to people struggling with addiction. With emotional roots tied to Kentucky’s bluegrass region the Duffy’s felt drawn to help people battling addiction right here in the heart of horse country.

Our mission is to help these people start life anew by providing a warm, safe environment, strong community support, and customized, “whole person” care.

2) We're staffed with master level and higher clinicians

We’ve staffed our entire clinical team with Master Level or higher clinicians. With this team we’ve opened a Lexington outpatient center and sober living environment this past October, and we are scheduled to open residential center in the spring of 2018.

3) We treat guests like they’re family

We call those who come to New Legacy guests, because that’s how we treat them—like guests in our home. We work hard to keep our treatment environment warm and welcoming because we want our guests to feel comfortable during treatment.

4) Our goal is a balanced and purpose-filled life

Getting clean and sober is just the first step. We believe in providing care that changes the way our guests live. We don’t stop at just getting people clean, instead, we focus on helping our guests find a balanced and fulfilled life in recovery.

We want people to realize it’s possible to live a full life, that’s fun, exciting, thrilling, and fully satisfying without using and abusing substances.

Meet the New Legacy Team

We’ve compiled a team of people who have committed their lives and careers to helping people overcome addiction and write new chapters in a better story.

Mick Duffy

Mick Duffy


Mick has served as Vice President and President of Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab, as well…

Shannon Sell, Clinical Director

Shannon Sell, MBA, MSW, CSW

Chief Clinical Officer

Shannon is a social worker by training but realized a passion for administration early in…

Mike Duffy

Dr. Mike Duffy

Chief Financial Officer

Growing up in an alcoholic’s home, Dr. Mike witnessed the devastating effects of alcoholism, as…

Our Referral Process

Talk Over the Phone

When you call to refer someone to New Legacy we’ll start by talking through challenges the individual is facing. We’ll talk with you about the individual’s treatment history, and who, if anyone, they’re working with currently. We’re also able to verify insurance benefits and discuss any out-of-pocket program cost expectations.

Call us anytime at (859) 449-5444 

Clinical Assessment

Our clinical assessments are an important first step for all our guests.

The purpose of the assessment is to help the individual determine which level of care is best. During the assessment, a licensed clinician asks questions about drug and alcohol use and mental health concerns, and will recommend treatment options based on what they learn.

For some, sober living will be the best option for them, for others, we’ll recommend an outpatient level of care, and for others a residential. We’re committed to helping the client take the next step that is right for them—even if that means referring them to someone else.

You can schedule an assessment here.

Regular Communication

If we decide that it’s in the individual’s best interest for him or her to come to treatment at New Legacy, we’ll be in regular communication with you to give you updates, to involve you in the treatment process, and to collaborate with you about their progress.

We'd Love to Meet With You

We accept insurance, and can verify your client’s benefits. Call us at (859) 449-5444


We work with most major insurance companies and accept PPO plans. Give us a call and we’ll be ready to listen and help you take the next step in your recovery.

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