Sober Living at New Legacy

Our goal for each of our guests is to help them find a balanced, well-purposed and fulfilling life in recovery. Our sober living homes help our guests do this by providing support early in their sobriety.

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Why Consider Sober Living?

Long-Term Lifestyle Changes

Recovery is more than just about not drinking and doing drugs—it’s about long-term lifestyle changes. We help the guests at our sober living homes develop healthy habits through community involvement, nutrition, chores around the house, and more.

Caring Support

Each home will have the support and guidance of New Legacy staff members and their housemates as they all work towards a common goal.

Safe Community

Our homes are located in safe neighborhoods, and act as accountable places for people to exist together. We have zero tolerance for substance use, and each guest is there to focus on transitioning into a life of lasting recovery.

South Lexington Men’s Sober Living

For men, ages 18 and up.

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Common Questions About Sober Living

Sober living can be especially helpful for those who

  • Need support in maintaining healthy routines and life habits
  • Live in a stressful environment that often leads to poor choices
  • Need to get away from family and friends to focus on changing things about themselves
  • Are in transition away from a residential treatment program, and would like support before returning home

We’ve rooted our sober living homes in structure, support, discipline, and love. This means all our housemates participate in household chores, community activities, and group meetings.

We have zero tolerance for substance use, and conduct regular drug screens.

You can stay as long as you’d like, on a month-to-month basis. Our minimum stay is 30 days. On average, guests stay for around a year.

Housemates will need to provide their own food. We will provide cookware, plates, cups, utensils etc.

Because many people may be allergic, we do not allow pets.

We will provide common house items like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, furniture, work spaces with desks, etc.

We do not allow our guests to smoke in the house. We will have designated outdoor areas where smoking is allowed.

Not Sure if Sober Living Is Right for You?

We can help you determine which level of care is best for you through a substance use and mental health assessment. During this, a licensed clinician asks questions about your drug and alcohol use and mental health concerns, and will recommend treatment options that best fit your needs.

For some, sober living will be the best option for them, for others, we’ll recommend an outpatient level of care, and for others a residential.

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